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Courses and Workshops

My vocational and personal mission is to strive for true inclusivity. I'm always to push ideas around diversity and accessibility throughout my design process and always trying to push teams around me to do the same.

Future Learn - Cultivating Diversity through Research and Insights 

I was a co-creator of this Future Learn course with Ryzard Akita in for a course that was developed by Livity. This course was developed to teach creatives in leadership positions how to use different techniques to approach diversity, in both research and recruitment. 

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Not A School - Samsung

Engaging young thinkers in a process of approaching the idea of sustainability by UX'ing their day to day life to tackle sustainability in a more personal way

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Future Learn - Empathy mapping 

Designers have developed simple tools and techniques to help them develop empathy and to step through a process in someone else’s shoes. In this course, I explained how to use an empathy map to make sense of a user interview and develop your understanding of user needs.

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ITCILO - Communication for development 

At this workshop by ITCILO run in Torino, Italy I was working with communication leads from UN teams from around the world on how to use design thinking to engage with local communities in a more creative and authentic way. I created a resource for the participants that could be taken back to their teams. If you are interested in this resource please reach out!

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