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Hey! ✌️ سلام, ሰላም,
I'm Mariam Bagersh


I'm a Senior Product Designer, currently crafting the future of computing education platforms at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, but also Co-Founder of Fricanduo.

Most recent Work

Raspberry Pi Foundation -
Product design

Designing a brand new Code Editor from scratch was challenging, to say the least, but what could be more fulfilling than empowering young people globally to become digitally literate? It's not just about teaching them technical skills—it's about equipping them with tools and services that can give them the confidence to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.


Suvera - Branding and Art direction 

Suvera is a groundbreaking remote clinic that works with practices to help look after patients with long-term conditions. I designed a logo and design system and intended to show that the way a brand feels can be the difference when it comes to building trust and feeling safe with our healthcare. Luckily for me, it was easy to reflect the values that all employees at Suvera embody.

Fricanduo - What if Conceptual Africa VR experience

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 23.01.03.png

Collaborator - Ryzard Akita

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Collaborator - Nicole Quashi

Together with my colleagues at Fricanduo, we created a VR exhibition that promotes the work of artists, photographers and digital designers from Ghana and Ethiopia. I curated and led the Art Direction of this project as well as the design of the VR space. With the challenges of Covid, our goal was to foster deeper connections with our community and explore the digital realm as a way for creatives to amplify their voices and express their Art, regardless of geographic constraints

Genet Fashion

Website - genetcollection

Redesigning a brand and designing a website for Genet Fashion, gave me the opportunity, to reflect both the beauty and impact of a sustainable fashion brand from my homeland - Ethiopia. This project taught me that sometimes, by facilitating the dream of one person with a strong vision you can empower an entire community.  


Website - Fricanduo

Yoseph profile image.png

Collaborator - Yoseph Admassu

As a co-founder of Fricanduo, an Africa-minded design studio, I was the lead designer on a range of Micro-site projects. We collaborated with designers from Ethiopia on the branding. I formed the Art Direction and designed the websites once the branding elements were created.